The economic results of 2017: a dangerous quagmire of half steps

Economic recovery continued, but the pace of recovery remained low, including due to a fall in agriculture and industrial production associated with controversial political decisions

15 February 2018

Project “How to improve health care?”

Analytical Center “New Social and Economic Policy” conducts continuous monitoring of changes in the healthcare sphere, assessing its impact on the accessibility and quality of medical care, as well as on the health status of the population

14 February 2018

Economic leap of Ukraine: myth or real chance?

Nn the long term, the country faces the task of narrowing the development gap, achieving sustainable growth that will allow the country to withdraw from the trap of revenues below average and ensure the solution of social issues at least at the level close to the new EU members.

14 March 2017

Objective evaluation of the reasons of crisis and recommendations for economic stabilization

In 2014-2015, “New Social and Economic Policy” analytical center (NEWSEP) published a series of reports on the economic situation in the country. The NEWSEP’s reports provide objective evaluation of the reasons of crisis and anti-crisis measures taken by the government.

15 December 2016