“The crisis of the recent years has thrown Ukraine back for decades. My goal is to return my country in the present day and return its faith in the future. Only professional analysis of the economic situation in Ukraine can bring the most efficient instruments to overcome crisis”.

In 2014-2015, “New Social and Economic Policy” analytical center (NEWSEP) published a series of reports on the economic situation in the country. The NEWSEP’s reports provide objective evaluation of the reasons of crisis and anti-crisis measures taken by the government. They put forward short- and mid-term recommendations aimed at economic stabilization (including banking and financial system), improvement of business climate, support for the real economy, reindustrialization and modernization of the energy sector.

NEWSEP’s analytical report “Ukraine: Road to Stability and Growth” (2014).

NEWSEP’s analytical report “Ukraine 2015: From Economic Crisis to Sustainable Growth” (2015).