Serhiy Lovochkin,

Member of the Parliament of Ukraine.
Since Ukraine's independence, Mr. Lovochkin has been working extensively on rebuilding the country into a modern and democratic state.
Over 20 years, he has held various leading posts in civil service as well as top corporate positions.

He is the founder of the New Ukraine Institute of Strategic Research. The Institute is focusing on such areas as reforms in Ukraine, environmental and humanitarian issues, Minsk peace reestablishment process.

During his tenure as Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine (2010 – 2013), Mr. Lovochkin had implemented significant government initiatives, including Program for economy reforms, Chernobyl new sarcophagus Program, Program of non-proliferation of nuclear materials. Serhiy has also dedicated considerable effort for Ukraine’s advance in the EU integration.

On November 30, 2013, Serhiy resigned in protest at the violent actions against Maidan activists.

During his work in the Administration of President Leonid Kuchma ‎(1998-2004), Mr. Lovochkin has led the group of advisors for economic reforms.

Before the Presidential Administration, Serhiy Lovochkin worked in business in the sphere of finance and real estate. He was a founder and co-owner of a series of companies and banks, as well as a member of their supervisory boards.

Serhiy has a Higher Doctorate in Economics (2004) and has published 35 works on economic issues. He defended his theses on the topics of “National Debt of the United States of America” (1997) and “Macro-financial Stabilization in the Context of Economic Growth in Ukraine” (2004).

Born in Kyiv on July 17, 1972.