Ukraine remained one of the last countries in the post-Soviet space, where, in effect, the healthcare system inherited from the USSR and its planned economy continues to operate.

Many years, there have been conversations in the society on the need for medical reform for, as well as there are heated debates in the medical environment. The entire population of the country is concerned with the issue of how the approaches in providing medical assistance, preventing disease and providing with medicines will change in the country. Discussion remains the problem of changing the financing system of medicine. The problem of changing the financing system of medicine remains a discussion.

Analytical Center “New Social and Economic Policy” conducts continuous monitoring of changes in the healthcare sphere, assessing its impact on the accessibility and quality of medical care, as well as on the health status of the population. Monitoring research covers the following areas: reform of the health financing system; changes in the organization of medical care; regulation of the pharmaceutical sector, including provision of the population with affordable medicines; changes in the system of disease prevention (the so-called “public health” system).