Building new Ukraine is a mission of public and political activity of Serhiy Lovochkin. He established a charitable foundation and “New Ukraine” Institute for Strategic Studies that help introduce reforms in Ukraine, elaborate programs and carry out analysis of strategic developments in this direction. S. Lovochkin also facilitates the implementation of programs of “New Social and Economic Policy” (NEWSEP) analytical center aimed to develop modern mechanisms of ensuring stable economic growth.

Parliament should be re-elected this fall

These elections are necessary not for us, Ukraine needs them as soon as possible

30 August 2017

Power to Ukraine's People

Ukraine needs a new constitution that moves authority out of Kiev, Serhiy Lovochkin considers.

23 June 2017

Serhiy Lovochkin: The only way to restore law and order in the country is a change of power

"For the power this war is a factor, which helps it to stay afloat, while our goal is a conflict resolution. We believe that the future of Ukraine, regardless of who is in power, is now completely dependent on the speed and effectiveness of settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine," Serhiy Lovochkin considers.

21 March 2017

Ukraine Can Win in the Trump Age

"Ukraine does not need to panic about a Trump administration. The best strategy for us as a nation is to escape from the myth of "external control" and populism falsely presented as patriotism, and instead to begin pursuing our own, clear interests."

06 February 2017