Building new Ukraine is a mission of public and political activity of Serhiy Lovochkin. He established a charitable foundation and “New Ukraine” Institute for Strategic Studies that help introduce reforms in Ukraine, elaborate programs and carry out analysis of strategic developments in this direction. S. Lovochkin also facilitates the implementation of programs of “New Social and Economic Policy” (NEWSEP) analytical center aimed to develop modern mechanisms of ensuring stable economic growth.

Why Ukraine is moving away from Europe

On May 19, we celebrate Europe Day. However, there is nothing to celebrate, because there is neither Europe in Ukraine, nor Ukraine in Europe. European integration, declared by the authorities as a goal, has become a fake. The current authorities are guilty in this

18 May 2018

What is the beginning of Motherland?

Ukraine needs a comprehensive program that will stimulate our citizens not to leave, and those who have left – to return

11 May 2018

Happy Victory Day!

Тoday millions of Ukrainians throughout the country celebrate this holiday. No one has the right and cannot prevent us from celebrating or taking away May 9 from us

09 May 2018

Blockade of Donbass: a year of lies and losses

These days the year is marked with the imposition of the current blockade of Donbass by the current authorities. When deciding, the authorities “sold” their usual mantra on patriotism and assured that the blockade would harm self-proclaimed “republics”. In fact, it harmed the whole of Ukraine

15 March 2018