The stable life of citizens is the basis of a stable state. If people do not have stability, it will not be in the country.

Today’s Ukraine is a state of refugees. 1.5 million citizens moved from Donbass to other regions of Ukraine. 6.3 million citizens left Ukraine for other countries.

However, almost 8 million Ukrainians are not living in their own houses – that is not all. 5 million people are living (according to the UN) in the conflict zone. They do not have the possibility of a full-fledged stable life.

13 million – almost a third of all citizens of Ukraine – are deprived of the opportunity to live humanely. However, can we say that the remaining 29 million people have this opportunity? 6.5 million families (no less than 17 million Ukrainians) receiving housing and communal subsidies definitely will not agree with this.

The absolute majority of citizens of Ukraine believes that the country is moving in the wrong direction. War, unemployment, antisocial reforms are the factors, which led to the fact that Ukraine has become a state of refugees.

It is necessary to return faith in the future for the Ukrainians, stop construction of a state for the sake of the state and start construction of a state for its citizens. Ending the war, ensuring economic growth and stopping antisocial experiments are the three main points of the Opposition Bloc program.

These are three steps that Ukraine will have to do to restore the future.