Building new Ukraine is a mission of public and political activity of Serhiy Lovochkin. He established a charitable foundation and “New Ukraine” Institute for Strategic Studies that help introduce reforms in Ukraine, elaborate programs and carry out analysis of strategic developments in this direction. S. Lovochkin also facilitates the implementation of programs of “New Social and Economic Policy” (NEWSEP) analytical center aimed to develop modern mechanisms of ensuring stable economic growth.

Imitation of decentralization

The process ends exactly the same way as all the previous initiatives of the new authorities — failure. We received a new “map” of social, property, budget, legal and political conflicts

09 October 2018

The last budget of the current authorities

The government submitted to the parliament a draft State Budget-2019. The proposed document is an example of what the budget of a country, trying to emerge from poverty, should not be. The only positive moment in the draft State Budget – 2019 is that this is the last budget of the current authorities

24 September 2018

The deprivation of the rights of the opposition is the way to illegitimacy of the authorities

The beginning of a new session of the parliament puts old issues for the country. Namely – return of the legitimate rights to the opposition. After all, while the Verkhovna Rada de facto represents the interests of only a part of the people of Ukraine. This was written in his blog for the website "Correspondent" deputy chairman of the Opposition bloc Sergei Lovochkin

03 September 2018

The fiscal crisis

The fiscal crisis is growing every month in Ukraine. The published data of the budget implementation show that the gap between the plan and the actual receipts has increased again. The tendency of growth of the obvious and hidden deficit leads to the fact that the 2018 financial year will end with the failure of the budget, and the main social items will not be allocated in full, writes MP Serhiy Lovochkin in his blog for the Correspondent.

13 August 2018