Serhiy Lovochkin: Outgoing Government Failed to Execute Budget in First Quarter

The income of the state budget’s general fund added up to 178.2bln hryvnia over the first three months of 2019, which is by 8.9 percent, or 16bln hryvnia less than planned for the period. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin in a commentary regarding the Q1 budget execution. The MP said the Accounting Chamber of Ukraine had announced increased risks of budget execution failure in 2019

14 May 2019

Serhiy Lovochkin: Great Patriotic War Veterans Deserve Dignified Life, Not Poverty

Fewer and fewer Great Patriotic War veterans are still with us, however, their living standards are getting worse and worse due to current government’s evil policies. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin on the eve of the 74th anniversary of victory over Nazis

08 May 2019

Serhiy Lovochkin: Cabinet’s Recklessness Leads to Higher Social Benefit Arrears

The lack of efficient steps by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine leads to deeper problem with accumulation of debts on social benefits as provided by the social insurance legislation. This is stated in the inquiry to Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman filed by OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin. The politician demands that the Cabinet takes immediate steps to eliminate the arrears.

30 April 2019

Serhiy Lovochkin: We Will Restore Allowances for Chornobyl Victims

OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE demands that the government abides by the ruling of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine on restoring constitutional rights of citizens who had suffered from the Chornobyl disaster. This was announced by MP Serhiy Lovochkin on the 33th anniversary of the Chornobyl tragedy, on April 26

26 April 2019