Building new Ukraine is a mission of public and political activity of Serhiy Lovochkin. He established a charitable foundation and “New Ukraine” Institute for Strategic Studies that help introduce reforms in Ukraine, elaborate programs and carry out analysis of strategic developments in this direction. S. Lovochkin also facilitates the implementation of programs of “New Social and Economic Policy” (NEWSEP) analytical center aimed to develop modern mechanisms of ensuring stable economic growth.

Сессия упущенных возможностей

88 процентов. Именно столько украинцев не одобряет деятельность нынешней Верховной Рады. На другой чаше весов – 8 процентов, которые одобряют полностью или хотя бы частично. Между этими оценками – пропасть, которую создало так называемое большинство сегодняшнего парламента.

20 July 2018

Constitutional reform as a Way to Ukraine's Success

The Opposition Bloc insists on the need for constitutional reform. We raise the issue not about moving the “signing authority” between the Verkhovna Rada and the Presidential Administration, but about complex changes in state power both horizontally and vertically

28 June 2018

State of refugees

The stable life of citizens is the basis of a stable state. If people do not have stability, it will not be in the country.

22 June 2018

Direct Path for Peace

The end of the war is impossible without direct negotiations. The sooner such a dialogue begins, the sooner peace will be established on our land. For this purpose, the Opposition bloc is ready to participate in such negotiations and the development of peace agreements

30 May 2018