The bill regulating defense procurement will stimulate more efficient use for budget funds and will allow national enterprises better compete within defense tender procedures. This was announced by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin after the meeting of the National Security, Defense, and Intelligence Committee.

“The Committee was discussing the draft bill on defense procurement. The major goal of the draft is to make more efficient use for the budget funds and fight corruption within defense procurement,” Lovochkin stated.

The MP added that passing the bill will stimulate higher localization for national defense products.

“This bill sets two important criteria for defense procurement. The first is about the product life cycle. This means that military equipment and arms’ longevity will be evaluated, which is also about quality. The second one is that products with higher level of Ukrainian localization will be given a priority for the defense procurement. This will stimulate bigger share of Ukrainian-made value within defense products,” the opposition politician said.

“This will allow national enterprises compete more efficiently during defense procurement and tender procedures held by law enforcement agencies and the Defense Ministry of Ukraine. And all of it will enhance the development of our country’s defense sector,” Lovochkin said.