After three and a half years of eurointegration in words, Ukraine is much further from the declared goals than it was in 2013. The actions of the Ukrainian authorities during this period, unfortunately, take us further away from Europe. Despite the bravura of the government, the agreement does not provide the prospect of EU membership. In addition, after the referendum in the Netherlands, the European Union confirmed this position with a separate statement, which also states that Ukraine cannot count on money from the Union’s funds.

Signed in 2014 (prepared and initialed in March 2012), an association agreement with the EU should have given an impetus to the growth of the national economy, and most importantly – to direct the country into the logic of the development of European civilization, guarantee peace, national harmony, new content of domestic policy, standards of European democracy and law, public administration and unconditional guarantee of the rights and freedoms of our citizens. However, the most important thing is to ensure movement towards the European level of well-being. The government has failed all these tasks.

Export to the EU countries as a result of the “European course” has not yet reached the level of the same year 2013. In 2016, commodity exports to the EU amounted to $ 13.5 billion – 20% lower than ‘pre-revolutionary’. In the first half of 2017, despite the advertised growth, it is still less by $ 110 million than in the first half-2013. Even the preferential free trade regime, which only unilaterally spread to our exporters, did not help.

The slogans do not affect real numbers. They are provided with deeds. The growth of exports is possible only with the total modernization of the economy. This requires investment. Peace, stability, an effective business climate and a reduction in corruption are necessary for investments. For now, we see only the withdrawal of Western investors from Ukraine.

There are other figures concerning the fall of wages in the currency equivalent, on the growth of unemployment. There are facts of systemic pressure on the opposition, searches of editorial offices and arsons of television channels, political arrests and murders. In these figures and facts there is the answer, why European leaders always remind us that Ukraine is not the European Union.

Europe opened borders for Ukrainian citizens, but remained closed to them. The main insurmountable “border” is still preserved – this is poverty of Ukrainians. It is not overcome by populism and slogans of the government; it is not overcome even by the decisions of the European Parliament. It can be overcome only with daily work on the restoration of the economy, professional effective management, a real fight against corruption.

Three and a half years have been lost, and losing another year or two is inadmissible luxury. It is necessary to restart the government- re-election of the parliament. Only the new government will be able to return peace to Ukraine, stabilize the economy, guarantee the rights of citizens, as well as using practical decisions to make European integration real.