MP from the Opposition Bloc, Serhiy Lovochkin, requires the government to immediately take systemic measures aimed at solving the problems of the degradation of the domestic scientific industry. He wrote about this in a deputy inquiry sent to the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman.

I require to urgently take systemic measures aimed at solving problems of the degradation of the domestic scientific branch. On the results of measures taken, please inform me in the legally stipulated period,” Serhiy Lvochkin wrote.

The MP stressed that Ukraine was rapidly losing scientific personnel, scientific institutions were being closed. From 2014 to 2017, the number of people engaged in scientific activity fell by 39.3%, and researchers – almost 2 times. The indicator of the number of executors of research and development per 1 000 people employed in Ukraine decreased from 9.5 in 2010 to 6 in 2016, while in the EU the indicator is more than 19.

According to him, simultaneously with the retirement of old scientific personnel, the degradation of the system of training new ones continues. “The real amounts of funding of the Small Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and out-of-school institutions in 2018 decreased by almost 83% compared to 2013, an increase in the qualification of personnel in the priority areas of science and preparation for state certification in the system of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine – almost 70%”, the oppositionist wrote.

The politician added that Ukrainian scientists received starvation wages in comparison with their foreign colleagues, which were also paid not timely and in an incomplete amount. “The level of salaries in the sphere of professional, scientific and technical activities in Ukraine in 2018 was $ 393, including personnel, engaged in research and development, – $ 326. For comparison: the doctor of sciences in the Czech Republic receives $ 1,800, in Poland – $ 2800, in China – $ 3100,” Serhiy Lovochkin said.

The MP stressed that the government had not offered any financial, tax or credit incentives for expanding scientific research and innovation activities, attracting funds from private enterprises for research and development.

“The Cabinet ignored the appeal of the legislators on the need for the officials to develop the Strategy for the development of education and science in 10-15 years and the relevant laws. In addition, there is no government response to the recommendations of the parliament to analyze the possibility of unfreezing some of the current state targeted programs of scientific importance, as well as the removal of restrictions restraining scientific activity,” the request says.

Serhiy Lovochkin recalled that at the end of last year he had already sent a deputy request to the government to deepen the crisis in the scientific sphere. “A formal response was received from the Ministry of Education and Science, it did not contain any concrete steps that the department planned to implement to correct the state of affairs,” the MP noted.