The Institute for Strategic Studies “New Ukraine” has prepared a report “The Way to New Ukraine. Peaceful Plan-18”, in which a detailed plan to achieve peace in Ukraine is represented.

The report describes the current socio-political situation in the country, as well as the way and stages of ending the armed conflict in Donbas. The first stage is politico-diplomatic, preparatory; the second is the deployment of the peacekeeping mission along the line of contact; the third stage is the work of the peacekeeping mission throughout the Donbas region (up to the border inclusive) and the fourth stage is the withdrawal of the UN mission to the Ukrainian-Russian border.

The report contains applicants - the creation of the Mariupol Consultative Group, its tasks and purposes are defined; the second applicant concerns the creation of the Demilitarized Neutral Territory (DNT). The third applicant defines approaches to determining the legal status of territories, Appendix 4 describes financial instruments for the rehabilitation and revival of Donbas.