Half a year ago Ukraine introduced quarantine measures, but despite promises, the government failed to develop a real program to support businesses working under conditions of the epidemic. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin.

“After these six months it is fair to say that state assistance to businesses and people has proven to be proclamatory. The Covid-19 Fund ended up at 64bln hryvnia instead of 200bln, as it was initially planned. Still, half of this amount has been allocated to the ‘Big Construction’ project, leaving only a small share of it for healthcare expenses and even less for social assistance to the population. The businesses ended up receiving almost nothing,” the politician said.

He compared Ukraine’s situation with that in Poland, where the state allocated $52bln (212bln zloty) on its project of economic and social anti-crisis assistance to entrepreneurs and workers amid the pandemic. The amount has been spent on cash allowances to businesses, payments to workers, and loan repayment holidays. Polish package of support for businesses and population also provided for creation of the state investment fund of 30bln zloty aimed and stimulating the economy by means of government investment in infrastructure, hospitals, schools, roads, digital services, energy, biotechnologies etc.

Compared to this, Ukraine’ cancellation of land tax and property tax for a month and cancellation of single social security tax for individual entrepreneurs for two months are not enough the measures, the politician says.

“Much has been said of cheaper loans program, but its real impact is very modest. As a result, the economy decreased by 11.4 percent during the second quarter. In a situation when the number of Covid-19 cases is rising, threatening with even harsher quarantine restrictions across the country, the government must turn to businesses and provide real assistance to their fight for survival,” Lovochkin said.