March recalculation of monthly payments for Ukrainian retirees will not cover their real income loss over the past seven years. OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin says that a comprehensive overhaul of the pension calculation system is needed to at least return these payments to their 2013 level.

“The recalculation of pensions planned for March will cover inflation-related losses for the last year only, while earlier losses will go uncompensated. This is the reason why 11 million retirees are the most vulnerable group of Ukrainian population,” the politician said.

He reminded that in 2013, the real subsistence rate for incapacitated persons suggested by the Ministry of Social Policy almost equaled the minimum poverty rate for the same category and minimum pension amount as provided by the budget bill (950 and 949 hryvnia respectively).

“As of early 2021, these figures are incomparable: the real subsistence rate at 3,370 hryvnia and minimum pension amount provided by the budget at 1,769 hryvnia. Given that the announced indexation raise will be from 100 to 300 hryvnia, there is no chance the increase will improve pensioners’ life,” the MP explained.

“Last fall, our parliamentary faction put forward a proposal on revising social standards for the most vulnerable categories of the population and suggested ways for covering these additional payments. Our proposals stand as of today as well. The only problem is that the Cabinet and the parliamentary majority have no desire to revise the budget and redistribute expenses so that they could help our poorest citizens,” Lovochkin summed up.