«To the Brink – and Back?» is the slogan of the security conference that begins today in Munich. The work of the summit is intended to provide answers to its main question: how to move away from the fatal line separating peace from war and prevent the emergence of new “hot spots”.

Our common misfortune is that Ukraine is already a “hot spot”. The politicians of the leading countries of Europe and America set as their goal the end of the conflict in Ukrainian Donbas. In it, they see a threat to the security of the entire European continent and are looking for mechanisms to bring the situation back to a peaceful course.

However, among those who make the main efforts to return to peace, there is no country that is obliged to be there, - Ukraine. Pumping militaristic moods as a way of retaining power, the current Ukrainian leadership has fallen out of the pan-European agenda. In fact, it turned out to be among those who do not want the end of the war.

Such a position of the official Kyiv may lead to the fact that the leading states of the world will refuse active participation in the processes of peaceful settlement. The US, Germany or France cannot be interested in ending the war in Ukraine more than Ukraine itself.

Today, it is necessary to change this position of power. It is important to give our partners around the world clear signals that the Ukrainian elite and Ukrainian society want and will achieve peace, even by changing the government.

From pseudo patriotic self-isolation and the policy of conflicts with neighbors, the country must come to an open and maximally active participation in the integration processes on the European continent.

The first step in this direction should be a peaceful settlement of the conflict in the east of the country. The most important issue of today’s agenda, which will be at the center of attention of the Munich conference is the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the cessation of hostilities and the introduction of a peacekeeping contingent under the auspices of the United Nations.

For this, within the framework of the Munich forum, negotiations will be held in the format of the “Normandy Four”.

The mission of the peacekeeping contingent is the solution of the tasks of military security, maintenance of public order, assistance in solving the humanitarian and social problems of people living in the conflict zone.

The failure of the implementation of the plan for the introduction of peacekeepers into the Donbas means a disruption in the process of strengthening European security.

Ukraine is obliged to become a leader in this work. We must actively participate in the organization of the peacekeeping mission as well as in the creation of a new system of European security. We must do everything to withdraw the war from our country.

This is what the entire democratic world is waiting for from the Ukrainian authorities. The same is expected of it by the vast majority of Ukrainian citizens. The country needs power that will meet these expectations.