Serhiy Lovochkin: The government ignores the problem of unemployment

Over the past six months, the government has not taken effective steps to overcome the unemployment problem, although the opposition warned of the threat of deteriorating situation. Serhiy Lovochkin, deputy Chair of the Opposition bloc faction, wrote about this in his request to the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman. The politician demands the Cabinet to immediately take up the issue of unemployment and economic development

Imitation of decentralization

The process ends exactly the same way as all the previous initiatives of the new authorities — failure. We received a new “map” of social, property, budget, legal and political conflicts

Serhiy Lovochkin: The government should take into account the budget proposals of the Opposition bloc on raising social standards

The draft State Budget-2019 submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration by the parliament is antisocial. Therefore, the Opposition Bloc has prepared a package of proposals providing for a substantial increase in social standards and an increase in spending on economic development. This was written by Serhiy Lovochkin, deputy head of the Opposition Bloc faction in his deputy inquiry to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman

The last budget of the current authorities

The government submitted to the parliament a draft State Budget-2019. The proposed document is an example of what the budget of a country, trying to emerge from poverty, should not be. The only positive moment in the draft State Budget – 2019 is that this is the last budget of the current authorities

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