Protesting against the power, people want life to become better. If we ask the Ukrainians whether their lives have improved today, four years after the Maidan, the absolute majority will respond negatively.

In the country, there are discussions on what led the country to a crisis – a revolution or a war. But the third reason will not be superfluous: the lack of professionalism of the power that has come in 2014.

From the very first day, the current power has been making money on corruption and war. It is the only one that now lives better. And that’s why there is only one question before tens of millions of our citizens: when will it end?

The current power does not have answers to questions that are important to people. There is no understanding what to do with the country further. For four years they have not even answered the questions: who shot at protestors and law enforcers on the Maidan, and why all the trees, which were hit with the bullets on the Institutska Street, were cut down.

Cynically, that the uprising against corruption has led to even greater corruption. Instead of building a tolerant society by the European way, Ukrainians have received a corrupt power, a war on their territory and a social catastrophe.

The increase in prices for all goods by 2.3 times (according to the underestimated official statistics), the increase in utility tariffs by 4.4 times, the reduction of social standards, the hidden increase in the retirement age, the reduced availability of medicine and education, the drop in industry by 20% and almost 60% Ukrainians are below the poverty line – the results of the last four years.

In this connection, the draft State Budget – 2018 is indicative, in which spending on state administration and law enforcement structures is 2.7 times higher than in 2013, while the increase in the minimum pension and subsistence level in comparison with the same 2013 will be only 57.7 %.

The power is working for itself, but it is necessary the power to work for people and the country.

Today, it is necessary:

–       ending the war, peace and the return home program for 1.5 million internally displaced persons;

–       increasing the salaries and pensions, reduction of communal tariffs;

–       restoring the constitutional rights of citizens to affordable medicine and education;

–       competent power able to restore the economy, create jobs and achieve stable GDP growth – at least 5% per year;

–       real not a declarative fight against corruption.

These requirements are the program of the Opposition bloc. And these are the demands of tens of millions of people.

We know how to do this and we know how. We have a plan to achieve peace in Donbas, an anti-crisis plan for the economy and an experience for their implementation. People should get a decent life.

The country is in a systemic crisis. The only way out of the crisis is a quick reboot of the management system.