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Since the start of the conflict the OPPOSITION BLOC advocated a diplomatic solution to the conflict as the only possible path forward. The government ultimately went back to it, but the cost of error was too high - thousands of lives and a totally ruined region to the detriment of the entire nation.

The Minsk process is a difficult to follow geopolitical matter. The ceasefire regime is a tough step, but it is something we need so much today. The most important thing now is not to succumb to provocations of instigators on both sides, not to let them destroy peace - the cherished dream of millions of Ukrainians on both sides of the contact line.

At the same time we must launch formats of a public dialogue of people on both sides of the conflict. Now is the time, when not only politicians and the military need to speak up, but also representatives of the elites - opinion leaders, public figures, business people and intellectuals. At some point they may be joined by political forces.

The purpose of this dialogue is a nationwide humanitarian and economic program of reconciliation and unification, plans for the revival of the affected regions, their social and economic rehabilitation and reintegration.

We, the "We are opponents of those who wish to secede, but even greater opponents of those who wish to separate the Donbas. Not only because you can not divide your native country into pieces, but also because there is a big risk of making this process irreversible. ", flatly oppose separatism on both sides. We oppose those who wish to secede, but even more so we oppose those, who want to push Donbas out. Not only because one should not cut one’s own homeland into pieces, but also because there is a high risk that this process may become irreversible.

We, the OPPOSITION BLOC, are ready to continue to do everything necessary to organize and support the dialogue and the peace process. Ukraine’s progress is impossible without peace and harmony.