The budget should contribute to the normal functioning of the economy and the social sphere. This was told by reporters in the corridors of the Verkhovna Rada by MP from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lovochkin. He is confident that the new parliament will review the state budget, and hopes that this will happen next year.

“The Opposition bloc does not support this budget. I am sure that after this parliament is changed to a new one – I hope it will happen next year – the budget will be reviewed. It is necessary to return to the implementation of the constitutional norm that Ukraine is a social state. We need a country that exists for people, not one where people live for existing the country,” Serhiy Lovochkin emphasized.

The MP added that the budget for the next year lacks the funds necessary for the normal functioning of the economy and the social sphere.

“There is no money for the development of regions, insufficient support of domestic industries, agriculture and other locomotives of the economy. Education and medicine are underfunded. All this is unacceptable,” he said.

Serhiy Lovochkin added that the budget strengthened the police functions of the state and increased salaries and costs in the law enforcement system. According to him, all this happens at the expense of the economy and citizens.

“We are against such a budget. The ideology of the Opposition bloc lies in the fact that the state should create jobs for the budgetary funds, restore the regions that suffered from the war, provide people who have lost their homes, and resettles. It is necessary pensioners, teachers and doctors – those people for which the only source of income is state assistance – to get support. These questions are not sanctified in the budget. Therefore, we believe that it should be reviewed in the near future,” the MP concluded.