In modern Ukraine, a lot of politicians consider themselves “state figures” of a national scale, who have the right to dictate rules to the entire Ukrainian people. However, in practice they have support only in the circle of the same radicals.

In their reality, there is no multi-million Ukrainian society, in which everyone is endowed with the Constitution, inalienable rights and freedoms. There is only their personal opinion and the categorical “imperative”.

However, it is time for the Ukrainian radicals to understand that without democracy, freedom, pluralism of ideas and the rule of law, a successful, modern and truly independent Ukraine is impossible.

It is time to understand that even radical politicians must propose ways for development, and not just rattle their sticks against shields when their political “platform” comes down to denying the opinions of others, as well as threats.

Conflict and confrontation is the only opportunity for such figures to remind about themselves. The radicals are acting today in this logic, using the Victory Day for their “spectacular” PR.

More than seventy years ago, on that day, the Ukrainian people, as part of the Anti-Hitler Coalition, defeated one of the most monstrous ideologies of the ХХ century. Joint efforts of more than 50 states and peoples in Europe, and then in the world, provided peace. Conditions were created for the development of the international community on the basis of human rights, equality of nations and peoples, interethnic cooperation and humanism. However, today millions of Ukrainians throughout the country celebrate this holiday. No one has the right and cannot prevent us from celebrating or taking away May 9 from us!

The Opposition Bloc, acting on the platform of peace and development, today supports millions of Ukrainian citizens. TV channel “Inter” is watched by millions. The overwhelming majority of our compatriots seeks to ensure that the war in the country ends and peace comes. Therefore, there is no alternative to the peace, the unification of Ukraine, its democratic development. No radicals will prevent us in it.

Happy Victory Day!