Among many of the world ratings there is one where Ukraine is number one. This is the rating of the World Bank and the UN Population Division, according to which we are in the top five by the number of migrants.

Russia, Afghanistan and India are above us. However, the fourth place is not quite an objective assessment, since the population of Russia and India is 144 million and 1.42 billion, respectively. In Ukraine, there are 42 million people – and every sixth is abroad.

According to the State Border Service, 6.5 million Ukrainians are migrants. Most of them are citizens of working age, working in Poland and Russia. That is, those who can create a national product, fill the budget and the Pension Fund, in fact, create a national product – but not for Ukraine.

The authorities declare their concern over the mass migration of Ukrainians abroad. But these statements are fake. It is necessary to overcome its causes to stop emigration. And they were deliberately created or aggravated by the current authorities, which actual slogan is “Ukraine without people”.

Low wages and unemployment were always the main reasons for departure of the Ukrainians abroad. For the past four years, the situation has deteriorated significantly. Moreover, according to the research of the Polish National Bank, since 2014, the number of our citizens, leaving for this country due to the political situation in the country, has multiplied by four times (up to 12.5%). In Russia, similar studies on migrants are not conducted, but there is no doubt that the percentage of those who went there for political reasons is even higher.

War and uncertainty, unemployment and low salaries, a collapsing social infrastructure are the reasons that compel the Ukrainians to leave Motherland. And this flow cannot be stopped by slogans on Euro-Atlantic integration, the renaming of cities or the introduction of language quotas.

Ukraine needs a comprehensive program that will stimulate our citizens not to leave, and those who have left – to return. Peace and economic recovery, work places and the strengthening of social protection, security on the streets and the cessation of discrimination on the basis of language, regional or religious grounds – this is the beginning of Motherland, which people will want to live in.

All these requirements are the basis of the program of the Opposition Bloc, which we plan to implement after the elections. Ukraine should become the country, which people want to stay at.