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For 929 days Ukraine has been governed by the party of war. It does not matter how this group of people is called as everyone knows its name.

Their actions have led to the war, destroyed thousands of lives, destroyed Donbas.

They surrendered Crimea, crushed hryvnia, increased utility tariffs tenfold, and they continue to destroy businesses they do not control.

They created a climate of zero tolerance for other opinions, which results in total destruction of their opponents, including physical annihilation.

They are also involved - each in his own way - in the murders of politicians and journalists, corporate raids, attacks on unwanted media.

They created a corrupt machine and cash in hiding behind phony PR and slogans.

They incite radicals to arsons, they give them a license to impunity.

They became the medieval Inquisition with fake European rhetoric.

They shout about the need for a wall inside the country in the name of a “bright future.” They are the ones, who divided and looted a great nation, they stole “the Wall” and they are robbing us of our country’s future.

Is this the Ukraine of our dreams?