The free trade zone with the European Union was created to increase Ukrainian export. When the power sums up the results of the last four years, it does not forget to mention that the sale of goods to the EU increased by 5.8%. However, it does not answer the question about why today Ukrainian export is only 70% of the level of 2013.

Export ernings are one of the main factors in the stability of the national currency and the standard of living. In the world, it is possible to find dozens of examples – from Germany to Belarus – when the foreign policy of the state is subordinated to the interests of the economy and is aimed at finding markets for the sale of its products.

In today’s Ukraine everything works the other way around. The sale of goods to the EU increased by 5.8%. In the CIS countries it decreased by 68%.

This could be explained by a conflict with Russia. What can explain the decline in export to Brazil by 54% in 2017, to Thailand – by almost 40%, to South Korea – by 25.4%, Iran – by 21.6%, New Zealand – by 20.2%, Egypt – by 19.2%, Saudi Arabia – by almost 13%, France – by 7.6%?

Ineffective actions of the power led to the destruction of whole branches of high-tech products.

Production and export of Ukrainian aircraft is 1 (one) aircraft. Shipbuilding is reduced to ship repair. In 2017, automotive industry showed an increase, but only after the production of two years was at the zero mark. As a result of such “concern” for the once leading sectors of the economy, their total export last year was half as much in dollar terms as export of wood and products made from it.

Today, Ukraine is no longer a cosmic state and not even aviation one. It is a raw material appendage. It is here that it is necessary to look for the real reasons that the dollar today costs UAH 27, not UAH 8, and that the average salary of citizens is only 65% of the 2013 level.

The situation will be corrected only when there is a power that realizes that industry – and above all export-oriented industry – must be supported, including for financial and social stability.

This is exactly what my request to the government about – it is necessary to urgently take anti-crisis measures to save Ukrainian export.