Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens who took sick leaves recently have not received in time or at all their promised payments from the state. According to MP Serhiy Lovochkin, the government must deal with the problem immediately, for it is getting more and more acute amid the pandemic.

“In the times of the epidemic, we need not only a well-operating healthcare system but also a neat system of social protection. When most citizens have not yet received vaccination, the Cabinet of Ministers must pay special attention and control the issue of funding sick leave payments. Currently, the government has left it out, and this resulted in 2-billion-hryvnia arrears,” the MP said.

The politician believes that the increase of the budget transfer to the Social Insurance Fund could save the situation.

“The parliament has allocated additional funds for social protection of the population and the fight against the pandemic. Helping people is our obligation, and we demand the same from the government,” Lovochkin summed up.