OPPOSITION PLATFRORM – FOR LIFE will insist that the bill on the 2022 state budget is voted together with the party’s proposals aimed at supporting economic growth. The proposals will allow to boost the real GDP growth by 3 percent and significantly increase budget expenses for social needs. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on the upcoming discussion of the state budget bill-2022 in the parliament.

“Our position remains unchanged: the nation needs the bills aimed at stimulating the development of the economy. Our faction has suggested a package of such bills. They must be passed together with the state budget. According to experts, they will provide for the growth of the real GDP by 3 percent, and the state budget income by 9 percent, first and foremost due to the increase of the proceeds from the VAT, corporate tax, and income tax,” the politician said.

Lovochkin said his faction’s proposals also suggest increasing the expenditures in the 2022 budget by the same 9 percent. This will allow to increase minimum pension up to 5,500 hryvnia, and minimal wages to 8,500 hryvnia. It also allows for returning to differentiated payouts after childbirth: 100,000 hryvnia after the first child, 150,000 hryvnia after the second one, 250,000 hryvnia after the third one etc. (today this payment is the same for all children, 41,000 hryvnia).

“Our proposals also provide for increasing funding of healthcare by 49 billion hryvnia and allocating additional 65 billion hryvnia for subsidies and 10 billion hryvnia for subventions to local budgets for the heating season. These expenses are critically important for the nation and its citizens. We are certain that without these amendments the state budget bill must not be passed,” Lovochkin said.