Passage of bills aimed at immediate and peaceful settlement of the Donbas war, formation of parliamentary coalition and the government, lowering of utility rates for population, and providing for controlling functions of the opposition in the parliament by passing the bill on opposition — these are the first-priority tasks for the newly elected Ukrainian parliament.

This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin while speaking at the first session of the Preparations group of newly elected MPs on Aug. 9.  

“The new Verkhovna Rada must vote immediately on solutions that will make life easier for people in the war zone areas. For that purpose, we suggest creating Committee on comprehensive approach to issues of the Luhansk and Donetsk regions,” Lovochkin said.

He addressed the members of the presidential faction, stating that the parliamentary coalition and the government must be formed as soon as possible.

“This is crucial for passing the bills aimed at drafting a sustainable economic agenda, creation of new jobs, increase of labor productivity, return of labor force, meaning Ukrainians working abroad, fighting corruption and poverty, the latter being the most important issue. Population’s monthly utility payments should be lowered, and the utility fees genocide must be stopped. The package of bills on healthcare should be adopted so that the people get access to healthcare services,” Lovochkin said.

The politician stressed how important it is to pass the Opposition Bill and stop the disgraceful practices of the previous Rada which deprived the opposition of its proper controlling functions in the state.

“I am addressing the newly elected MP colleagues: do not repeat the mistakes made by your predecessors. Back in 2014, in the same room, the coalition of over 300 MPs was created. They deprived the opposition of abilities to participate in Rada activities and of all controlling functions simply out of political greed. We want the opposition to be present in the Accounting Chamber, the Central Election Commissions, the Anti-monopoly Committee and other state regulating bodies. The opposition should be also represented in the Verkhovna Rada general committee,” Lovochkin said.

The politician thanked the voters for their trust in the OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE during the early parliamentary election and said the party faction will do its best to improve the lives of all citizens of Ukraine.

“OPPOSITION PLATFORM — FOR LIFE is ready to work in opposition, but we will do that solely for the benefit of the state and the people of Ukraine. Our votes will always support anything that will make Ukraine stronger, richer, and more independent country,” Lovochkin said.