Tolerance towards Ukrainian citizens with different views must become part of national philosophy and the stance of the government. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin in an interview with Novoe Vremia.

Answering a question on five steps required to reach peace in the Donbas, the politician said that the first and foremost step is political will.

“They must not be afraid to be responsible and make difficult decisions,” he added.

“The second on is a more efficient team of negotiators. The third is to adopt the concept and the legislative algorithm of peaceful settlement which will be accepted by the Ukrainian society as well by all parties to the negotiations. The fourth is to create an economic model for reintegration that will allow attracting significant investments in Ukraine thus stimulating the economy and raising the living standards,” the MP said.

“Finally, people in different regions of our country have different approaches and speak different languages. Tolerance towards others must become part of the national philosophy, as well as the stance of the government and all representatives of the administration. Tolerance is the only way to end the conflict,” Lovochkin summed up.