OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE won strong support at local elections thanks to a combination of its campaigning abilities and important values for the people. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin in an interview to Novoe Vremia.

“The campaign was a difficult one; it’s always uneasy to wage campaign when you’re in the opposition. But the combination of fundamental values shared by the people together with the ability to campaign had taken effect. People are interested in affordable bills, healthcare, good roads, jobs, and normal life — this is what they had voted for. The demand for professional governance has returned,” the politician said.

The main outcome of the local elections is the change of the nation’s political map, Lovochkin said.

“It will yield unexpected results in the next national election. We have won in six regions in the south and east, in Dnipro, Sumy, and Kharkiv. Our candidate [Oleksandr Popov] even ran second [in mayor election] in Kyiv; I would call this a change of the political reality,” the MP added.

Answering a question on possibility of early parliamentary election, Serhiy Lovochkin said the nation needs it.

“Any election offers a chance to change the country for the better, to elect more professional and more efficient people, and thus have a more efficient government,” the politician summed up.