The poverty of Ukrainian citizens is among the most dangerous threats to national security, and this problem must be solved at the highest level of state authorities. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on the Social Policy Ministry data.

“The nation of poor citizens will never grow rich and strong. According to official information, 51 percent of Ukrainian citizens live below poverty line, which means they spend less than real subsistence rate. What’s worse, having a job does not guarantee earnings at real subsistence rate at least, and this is true about. 42.4 percent of all job holders in Ukraine,” the politician said.

He added that the most recent official data include the first six months of 2020, i.e., only the first lockdown period.

“Since then, the situation got worse. While in spring 2020 the businesses believed they were facing temporary difficulties, by now they have realized we’re talking about a long-term crisis. Therefore, the National Science Academy’s forecast that the situation with poverty will not get better in Ukraine in 2021 is quite well-grounded,” Lovochkin said.

“Low living standards of our citizens are not their personal problem; it’s a problem of national security, and it must be solved at the highest level. Back when the parliament voted on the state budget bill for 2021, our faction made proposals aimed at fighting poverty, but only a few of them were accepted. The administration must adopt a program aimed at the increase of Ukrainians’ incomes,” Lovochkin summed up.