The government failed to execute the state budget properly in 2019, and in early weeks of 2020 the situation has aggravated even further. This was stated by OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin commenting on the data provided by the State Treasury as of 2019.

“The state budget performance in 2019 had been the worst in five years. The revenue plan fell short of the target by $37.8bln, or 3.7 percent, even after it had been sequestered by 20bln hryvnia in fall last year. Without the cut, the plan would have fallen short by 5 percent.

“This year has shown that figures of 2019 are not accidental. January plan being short of target by a quarter is a sign that the situation is aggravating. If nothing is changed in 2020, it will get even worse by yearend,” Lovochkin said.

The MP reminded that important sectors had been underfinanced in 2019 due to budget’s poor performance: economic activities by 15 percent, environmental care by 18 percent, education by 11 percent.

“There is a threat that social sector will be underfunded this year ass well because this is the Cabinet’s only recipe for making the budget’s ends meet. This scenario might be avoided, however, if management of financial, economic, and social sectors is replaced. In fact, Ukraine needs a new government, and more important, a new program aimed at faster economic growth. OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE is willing to support any changes aimed at economic and social growth,” Lovochkin said.