OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE is satisfied with voting results of the local elections and will now make efforts to have all votes for the party and its candidates be accounted for. This was stated by the head of the party’s campaign office, MP Serhiy Lovochkin during a briefing.

“We are happy with the figures we now know from exit polls, especially those from the southern east of the nation, which is traditionally the home region for our party. And, of course, we are happy with the results in Kyiv, where our mayor candidate gets into the second round of the election, based on what we see from all exit polls that have been made public. In addition, our party has shown great results in many central regions. The task of our team now is to maintain them, so that not a single vote for our party goes unaccounted for,” Lovochkin said.

The MP thanked the voters who supported OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE.

“We will do our best to keep our promises. Our teams in the regions will be working professionally to deliver on the people’s hopes,” he said.

“I would also like to thank our entire team — a huge team of the OPPOSITION PLATFORM party. We put up almost 20,000 candidates across the nation, and many of them will become members of local councils after the vote count. Now our team must concentrate its efforts on maintaining the results we have achieved,” Lovochkin said.