The deputy said that in 2016 “Ukravtodor” had allocated UAH 13.9 billion. In 2017 - UAH 17.4 billion, which is five times more than it was allocated, for example, for the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine for all fundamental and applied research. At the same time over the past year and a half, 1,321.7 km of highways have been repaired - this is less than 0.8% of their total length (172.4 thousand km), and there are huge questions to the quality of repairs.

“But even if we do not talk about quality, at this pace, it will take 195 years to repair all highways,” he added.

“No one can be satisfied with the renovation of Ukrainian highways by 2212. The OPPOSITION BLOC requires immediate order in the field of maintenance, repair and construction of highways, audit the effectiveness of the use of funds allocated in 2014-2017. After the victory in the elections, we will fundamentally change the system of functioning of the sphere of construction and repair of roads in the country, so that they can be used by its current citizens,” Serhiy Lovochkin stated.