Within the action of the OPPOSITION BLOC "We Fight Together – Together We Will Win!" 700 thousand signatures of Ukrainians have already been collected. This was stated by MP Serhiy Lovochkin. "The action of the OPPOSITION BLOC  is to gain people's support of the principles that our political party professes," the politician stressed.

"First of all, this is peace. When we come to power, unlike the current authorities, we will do everything to achieve peace in Ukraine," Serhiy Lovochkin said.

"The second is the abolition of tariffs. Tariffs raised, but people have not been provided with a corresponding increase in revenues in order to compensate these tariffs. The third is a priority increase in the minimum wage to UAH 4,500, a minimum pension to UAH 3,500, so that people can survive in the current conditions. Prices have risen incredibly over the past three years, but salaries and pensions do not keep pace with rising prices. The fourth is the people's right to speak and listen to their native language. However, the power can not deprive people of this constitutional right. This is the norm of European democracy, in Ukraine it can not be otherwise," Lovochkin emphasized.

"And the fifth - we are against rewriting the history and demolishing monuments. If it is necessary to perpetuate somebody, someone who was not respected before, it can be done through a local referendum or a decision of local councils. But demolition of monuments by people in masks is unacceptable. There should be a decision of the territorial community, a local referendum should be held. These are principled positions," the MP noted.

According to him, 700 thousand signatures of Ukrainians have already been collected in the action of the OPPOSITION BLOC "We Fight Together – Together We Will Win!"

"In the short term, we plan to increase their number to one million. The action will continue, because we feel the people's support of these initiatives. And we will try to conduct these initiatives through the parliament. If this does not work out, then, after our victory in the elections- through the next one, " Serhiy Lovochkin emphasized.