The unprofessional and ill-conceived actions of the authorities led to an increase in prices and June inflation, which became the highest for the last ten years. This was said by MP from the OPPOSITION BLOC Serhiy Lovochkin.

“In June, prices increased relative to May by 1.6%. This is a record of price increases for the first month of summer over the past 10 years. This year, only for one June, vegetables became more expensive by 16.4%, fruits by 13.5%, eggs by 18.3%, and food products by 3.4%,” Serhiy Lovochkin said.

He stressed that the reasons for the increase in prices are an ill-considered and unreinforced administrative growth of salaries, the abolition of state price regulation for socially important goods, a reduction in state support for farmers and an increase in the cost of production of agricultural products.

“The unreasoned decisions of the authorities “eat up” all the wage increases, and pensioners cannot buy even the simplest products to survive,” Serhiy Lovochkin noted.

According to the politician, today it is necessary to restart all the current authorities and the arrival of professional managers who understand how the economy works and know how to achieve its stable functioning.

“The main task of the authorities is to ensure a decent standard of living for all citizens, to support the most vulnerable, especially during a severe economic crisis. If the current ministers do not cope with their direct duties, they must retire, making room for those who know how to run the country,” the MP emphasized.