What the authorities call reforms is, in fact, only the fulfillment of the requirements of the International Monetary Fund. MP from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lovochkin stated this in the corridors of the Verkhovna Rada; the reforms should be carried out to improve people’s lives.

“Unfortunately, now the ruling factions substitute concepts. The reforms that the state and industry must develop, create jobs, in fact are the fulfillment of the requirements of the IMF. And this is called “reforms”. Raising tariffs and prices for the population is not a reform,” Serhiy Lovochkin considers.

“Reform is when we finance programs today, we build in order to make things better in the future. But because of the increase in tariffs for the population, there is no improvement in the future. There is poverty. Poverty today, as you know, is far from an invention for more than half of Ukrainians. 51% of Ukrainians now live on less than $ 104 a month in equivalent. This means that half of the country lives below the poverty line in terms of global indicators. If such reforms lead to poverty, then we are against such reforms. This means that these are not reforms, but only fulfillment of the creditors’ demands,” he added.