The country is tired of war, rising prices and tariffs, fake reforms of the authorities. Even more people are tired of waiting for politicians to step over personal interests and ambitions and unit for change.

There is the ongoing war in the country, devastation and poverty are growing. The current authorities have turned the state apparatus and security agencies into a tool to suppress dissent and pressure on business.

The only task that the current authorities are solving today is how to stay in their official positions.

To this end, they do not shun any means: censorship, attacks on the media and journalists, pressure on the opposition, massive bribing of voters and interference in the affairs of the Orthodox Church.

In such circumstances, the real opposition must consolidate all healthy political forces to fight the current regime, unite and put forward a single candidate against the authorities.

Such unification negotiations between the two most rated parties in the South-East have been long and hard.

They were conducted with the participation of “Donetsk” deputies from the Opposition Bloc. Those who, on Poroshenko’s orders, are now trying to make a raider seize of the political corpse of the Opposition Bloc.

It was the “Donetsk” group of the Opposition Bloc that for two months, under various pretexts, have delayed the unification negotiation process to create a single opposition force.

The “Donetsk” deputies shied away from direct answers and decisions. We saw it, but hoped that responsibility towards the country and voters would prevail over personal ambitions, offenses and their business interests.

The unification negotiations ended with the nomination of a presidential candidate the politician with the greatest support in the South-East – Yuriy Boyko. He, at the suggestion of another popular politician Vadym Rabinovych, was supported by the Council of the “Opposition Platform – For Life”.

Based on political ratings, Yuriy Boyko and Yulia Tymoshenko are entering the second round of presidential elections.

The nomination of  Yuriy Boyko caused a negative reaction from the current regime. Therefore, Poroshenko and the “Donetsk” deputies of the Opposition Bloc are trying to seize the leadership of the faction in the Verkhovna Rada and the party office in a raider way for the subsequent nomination of a “technical” candidate from the “Opposition Bloc”.

This is done only in order to take a part of the votes from Yuriy Boyko. Therefore, the “Donetsk oppositionists” help Poroshenko to get into the second round of presidential elections.

Returning to the negotiation process, I state that, despite the resistance of the “Donetsk” deputies, the negotiations on the unification of the opposition ended in success: two top-ranking politicians representing voters from the South-East of our country founded the “Opposition Platform – For Life”. The platform decided on a single opposition candidate in the presidential elections – Yuriy Boyko.

In response to this, the authorities and the “Donetsk” representatives helping them, as already mentioned above, started joint raider actions to seize power in the political corpse of the Opposition Bloc.

As a result of their actions, the Opposition Bloc faction in the Verkhovna Rada was divided into 20 deputies of the new “Platform” and 23 “Donetsk” deputies, and local party offices were divided. As a result of the raider actions of the “Donetsk” deputies, the organizational structure of the Opposition Bloc is not just split – it does not exist anymore.

Now there is a joint project of the former “Donetsk” deputies and Poroshenko’s authorities, which should try to prevent the real opposition – the “Opposition Platform – For Life”.

I am convinced that such attempts, like all untruth and injustice, as illegal raiding in the spirit of the 90s, will end in failure.

I appeal to all party members and supporters of the former Opposition Bloc. I know how you all support the idea of uniting the healthy forces of the South-East of the country and the need to nominate a single candidate. I know that you are not indifferent to the fate of Ukraine, peace in our land and the well-being of people.

The Opposition Bloc no longer exists, but on the foundations of the Opposition Bloc, the “For Life” party, and many other parties and public organizations, a powerful alternative has been created – the “Opposition Platform – For Life”.

Join our shared new unified political force! It will win the current authorities in all the upcoming elections and will change life in our country.

The “Opposition Platform – For Life” is a powerful platform with real leaders and support from people.

We are following the path of the broad unification of all the healthy forces of society and the construction of the country’s largest political party without “armchair” politicians and minions of the authorities.

Already today, “The Opposition Platform – For Life” is millions of Ukrainian citizens who want changes in our country.

No one can stop the process of uniting the opposition: either the “Donetsk” deputies or the Poroshenko’s authorities. Therefore, they are trying to stop a single opposition candidate – Yuriy Boyko.