As one of the party’s leaders, MP of the Verkhovna Rada Serhiy Lovochkin stated that the Opposition Bloc would take part in all the elections to be held: presidential, parliamentary, and local, including in Donbas.

“Our political force will take part in all the elections to be held: presidential, parliamentary and local, including in Donbas,” Lovochkin said in an interview published on Monday in edition “Segodnya”.

According to him, in accordance to the polls conducted by the party, one third of Ukrainians are ready to vote for the principles and goals of the Opposition Bloc. “It is important to unite all healthy forces that will be able to protect the interests of the voters in the center and the south-east”. Now, both in the parliament and the authorities as a whole, there is a skew, the voters of the center and the south-east are not sufficiently represented, which does not benefit either country, or people,” he said.

Lovochkin believes that the candidate of the Opposition Bloc also has a chance to win at the presidential elections. “The candidate who will have the highest chances of victory will go to the elections from our political force,” the politician added.

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