The Opposition Bloc advocates reform of the Constitution, as a result of which Ukraine will become a parliamentary one instead of a presidential-parliamentary republic. This was stated by the MP from the  Opposition Bloc Serhiy Lovochkin in an interview with “Segodnya”. According to the politician, the country should not “go on about the views and ambitions of the next president”.

“The Opposition Bloc consistently stands for the reform of the Constitution. We believe that a parliamentary model of governance will be more effective for Ukraine. In the current realities within the parliament, reaching an effective compromise seems preferable to me, rather than going against the views and ambitions of the next president,” Serhiy Lovochkin says.

The politician recalled that historically in more than 250 Ukrainian cities there was the Magdeburg law, as well as other forms of collegiate self-government, starting from Zaporizhzhya Sich and ending with city dumas.

“Historically and philosophically Ukrainians are closer to the parliamentary model, because there has never been a monarchy,” he said.

About this, as well as what the new Verkhovna Rada will be, in what terms it is possible to restore peace in Ukraine and how to reduce the amount in payments of Ukrainians, Serhiy Lovochkin said in an interview with “Segodnya”.