The meeting in Normandy format is a step to settling peace in Ukraine, OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE MP Serhiy Lovochkin stated on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada on Tuesday, Dec. 3.

“The meeting in Normandy format opens up an important chance for peace in Ukraine. Therefore, we welcome President Zelensky’s initiative to participate in it. We believe it to be a nice opportunity for moving forward,” Lovochkin said.

The MP said the meeting will also provide a chance for Ukraine and Russia to enter into a new gas contract.

“We expect two concrete things from the Normandy meeting. The first being introduction of the Minsk agreements into Ukrainian legislation and creation of a roadmap for their implementation. The second one is we hope to receive signals on how gas will be transited across Ukraine’s territory and when a new transit agreement will be signed, together with another agreement — the one on delivering cheap gas to Ukraine from Russia. So that the utility fees for population can be finally decreased,” the opposition politician said.

He stressed that the OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE parliamentary faction has submitted a bill to the Verkhovna Rada providing for practical implementation of the Minsk agreements.

“OPPOSITION PLATFORM – FOR LIFE faction submitted a relevant bill today. If it’s supported by the parliament, it will stipulate for practical implementation of the Minsk agreements,” the MP said.