The issue of whether the Opposition Bloc supports initiatives aimed at establishing peace in Donbas has been resolved since the founding of our party.

Our position is unequivocal: any peaceful initiative that is supported by the “Normandy Four”, the UN should be implemented.

Therefore, the Opposition Bloc stands for the introduction of peacemakers.

We regard the trade about the fact where in the conflict zone they will be located, when on the scales – the prospect of a ceasefire and the salvation of people’s lives, the disclosure of the true goals and motivations of the “party of war”, which earns on war and lives a war materially and politically.

Will the peacemakers help? The answer is obvious: for the restoration of peace, it is necessary to implement all the points of the Minsk agreements, and the process stopped at the first one- an armistice. Today, the tactical confrontation of the two sides on the line of demarcation leads to the fact that the agreements are constantly being violated.

The introduction of peacemakers can stop the shooting and death of people.

The word “peacemaker” has 2 roots: “make” and “peace” Today, Ukraine, Europe and the whole world need this.

The Ukrainian authorities need not just criticize or agree with other people’s initiatives. It has long been necessary to actively promote their own proposals, which would stop the fighting.

It was necessary to find courage for direct dialogue with Russia at the state level, and not to preserve oneself in the infantile position of the troller and the instigator. Because, if for our foreign partners it is about peace on the continent, then for us – it is about peace in our country, about the lives of our fellow citizens.

The Opposition Bloc calls not to speculate on the issue, where peacemakers should be deployed – on the line of demarcation or on the whole uncontrolled territory. Today, politicians are obliged to use any chance of moving towards peace. Ukrainians are waiting for this from us.